Our experienced hospitality team will provide you with a comprehensive plan to maximize your fitness center's potential.

Delivery, Installation and Service
SportsArt Fitness offers a nationwide network of service technicians that are trained to deliver, install and service SportsArt Fitness equipment.

SportsArt's Manufacturing Advantage
SportsArt Fitness is the most vertically integrated manufacturer in the fitness industry. We retain control over every aspect of the design, manufacturing and assembly of our products so we can assure total quality control. Our company remains on the forefront of technology, using systems and machines developed specifically for the company that are not used by any other fitness equipment manufacturer. Because of SportsArt’s commitment to vertical integration and state-of-the-art technology we are able to consistently design and manufacture quality equipment that meets, or exceeds, the needs of a constantly changing fitness industry.

Go Green
Impress your guests and improve your bottom line with SportsArt's energy-efficient equipment.

ECO-POWR™: an acronym for Extreme Conservation and Output, is a maintenance free treadmill motor system that uses up to 32% less electricity than industry standard treadmill motors. This unique system saves energy without sacrificing power and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Self-generating: No need to locate a power outlet; these products are completely self-generating so you can place them virtually anywhere. Say good-bye to messy (and potentially dangerous) cords running across your fitness center floors and hello to lower power bills.